samedi 18 avril 2009

First Laugh

A reserve footballer has been suspended and there have been calls for his being sacked after 'laughing' during the memorial to the Hillsborough disaster twenty years ago. The video footage shows him leaning ever so slightly to the person on his right and hardly half smiling as he says something. The rest of the 30 000 crowd stand straight faced and motionless, the editing of the piece has it that these two players are shunned by the respectful mass.

This eventlette is neither something nor nothing. It certainly isn't a sign of "disrespect" as it is being hysterically described but, merely, a young person having to be somewhere he clearly doesn't want to be and fidgeting a bit. This reaction and its MSM highlighting play a tiny but recognisable part of the general distraction that has been put in place since things started to disintegrate. The policing of people's behaviour has grown so refined and intimate whilst that of the elites and their police has receded. Hence after breakdowns in the machine (the lies of the G20 police riot, the raids, the economic collapse...), public humiliations of inoccous behaviour must be held up and scrutinized. Indeed rozzer at the centre of the G20 is only now being disciplined for the death of Tomlinson, whilst this football player is expunged pronto.

Forget 1984, but they are watching you.