vendredi 3 avril 2009

The temperature falls again.

Over at K-Punk, there is the idea that haunts those who think about alternative futures and hope for action from the people, that idea that the future will be more of the same neo liberal 'capitalist realism', though in a different, even less, palatable form. That is, if one can think of the smoke and fumes of the melted real of contemporary capitalism as actually giving rise to anything as grand as form. A glimpse of this future that we, really know all too well, comes from a Reuteurs report about the demonstrations against NATO in Strasbourg, thus -

" At one point, rioters charged a military vehicle that happened to cross their path, with a masked youth hurling a pole through the windshield.
One of the occupants, who was in uniform, drew his gun and pointed it toward the sky, giving the driver time to speed off."

"One of the occupants...drew his gun and pointed it toward the sky..."

There is a tiresome metaphor I read somewhere about how if you put a frog in pan of water and slowly boil the content, the frog will not really notice and eventually (surprise!) die without realising it. It's meant to be a political message - but it seems to me that if we (you?) are the frog, then we're not being warmed up but cooled in the hope of numbing us into accepting further greyness, limit and violence.

Don't just protest - Act.