dimanche 19 avril 2009


" 'IPPC' urges crowd control debate. " is the lame headline to the latest batch of video nasty starring London's rozzers on the rampage.

But surely the IPPC (Independent - that's a laugh) should be urging a 'police control debate'.

There is a micro-debate spluttering into life in the MSM and the blogs, that somehow, if you're shocked and/or politically angered by the police action then you should also be equally concerned about the policing of Countryside Alliance march eight years ago, where a few toffs got coshed by HM's finest. You might be able to tell that we here at REL do not feel inclined to set up any support group or send any money to the 'victims'' legal funds. That might, shock, sound like double standards! After all, if you're against police brutality, you should be against it and in favour of, whoever is on the receivingend of truncheon's beatings.

Well no. First, this sidetrack into the CA demo is just pure diversion. The policing of the G20 demonstration was the biggest police operation in British history. Second, it was demo against the fundamentals of capitalist logic and thirdly, the police had incited the violence in the build up to the march so as to intimidate people away and, as their violence unfolded, to reprimand those who did turn up for daring to challenge the way things are. Naturally, these factors do not condone the police actions on the CA demo. It shows that the G20 march was far more politically significant than a load of upper class champagne swilling horsey snobs getting hot and bothered about the right to tear foxes to pieces. Sure, their greivances may have been a little more profound than that - but why should anyone outside the BBC/'Liberal' media (who in constructing this story are alligning themselves with the police, i.e. in the middle against two "extremes") really care about the CA people. None of their contingent were on the G20 march and non of the G20 demonstrators hunt foxes or own hundreds of hectares of valuable farming land and get subsidies from the EU.

Clearly we are against police brutality, but when the toffs start to pipe up that they too suffer at the meaty hands of rozzer, one must see it as a way of diverting attention from who the police's real targets are.

(You and me).