lundi 8 décembre 2008

Something positive

I don't hold with the human resource jargon - words like 'attitude', 'negative' and the ever present 'positive. Positive should just mean either a) the pole on a battery or b) expressing utter certainty. Some shill called Debbie in the comments section had the termerity to upbrade me for not being positive about how things are going in America. Well, we here at the REL offices, like thousands of other political critics, bloggers and lefties will be proven right about Obama like we were proven right about those WMD's and all that shyte. But anyway, if 'positive' is meant to mean 'mindlessly optimistic most of the time' - I'll do my best for a minute or two and revel in this story from Chicago. For me, like millions of others, the word Chicago conjurs up sophistication, dance, car chases, huge music, humour and so on and so anything about the place kind of bucks up the spirits in an illusory way I'm sure but this story should put a tiny spring back in your step. But somehow, I don't think it's Debbie's idea of 'positive'.

"The occupation of Republic Windows and Doors by 250 workers in Chicago, Illinois is an important step forward and one that deserves the full support of the working class throughout the country and internationally.
For the first time since the onset of the economic crisis, a section of the working class is taking an independent stand and resisting the corporate assault on jobs and living standards, which is claiming thousands of new victims each day.
These workers are displaying enormous courage. They refused to be thrown out of the factory when management moved to shut down the plant last Friday, after giving the workers just three days notice. They have insisted they will not leave the plant until management pays the severance and vacation pay owed to each worker."

All power to them - Debbie if you're out there - send these heroes some money.