mardi 16 décembre 2008

Shoe gazer

Perhaps the second most remarkable thing about the shoe hero incident, was the look on Bush's face. It was the kind of look a viscious interrogator would give his victim on hearing a defiant reply. Alas, the wrong individual involved in the story got beaten up. Some people some people are arguing that this shoe thrower should be grateful for his freedom to protest, since if he'd done this under Saddam's rule, he would have been executed. Indeed, we could measure this as one success against all the other mountains of waste, carnage and bodies and the entire shattered nature of Iraq society - this is what the war was all about - after all that, after all the corruption, death and lies - you, you Iraqis, now have the freedom to throw shows at visitng dignateries and instead of getting strung up, you only get beaten within an inch of your pathetic puny little lives. There you ungrateful bastards, you fainthearted left wing traitors, you religious freaks, dare you try to say none of it was worth it now?