vendredi 12 décembre 2008

European democracy...contradiction in terms

It is outrageous that the European Union is forcing the Irish people to vote again on the European Treaty. The vote was clear 53 to 46 percent - the same margin of victory that the little poisoned toadstool Sarko won over here in the 2007 Presidential election and alas no one got a chance to vote the fcker out again - but the unelected dictators in Brussels are not happy with the result, have offered some crumby concessions and are to present the treaty to the Irish next year. The first thing is that if the treaty had gone through by the one vote, there would be no rerun. In other words, the people are just a rubber stamp, something to give the European union a veneer of democracy. If they make their own minds up and vote contrary to what is expected, then they will be paternally admonished, given some bonbons, a second chance and told not to do it again.

Presumably, if the Irish vote No again - PLEASE PLEASE let this happen - then the EU will have to send its functionaires in to simply fix the result. It's a sham and a frightening turn of events, politically. Because if they can overturn this democratic vote they're likely to get a taste for it. Elections are not there to be little amusing games with no real impact on the political world. But this is how the elites think of our votes. Fine - if that's how they want to play it - we'll have to take them on in the streets like the heroic Greeks and occupy workplaces like in America and practically everywhere else. This is a warning from the top to us.

The final thing is that Trotsky was right. See below.