mardi 16 décembre 2008

All power to the Afghan Revolutionary Front!

Fresh from their success at arresting the wrong people for a spate of sabotage on the railways see below and a series of moronic incidents that a load of German Greens have owned up to), the French interioir services are changing the subject by planting a few sticks of dynamite in a department store and blaming it on a 'shadowy' group 'believed-to-be-linked-to-al-qaeda' called the Afghan Revolutionary Front "Qui est le Front révolutionnaire afghan, ce groupe inconnu jusqu'ici qui a revendiqué avoir placé des explosifs retrouvés, mardi 16 décembre, au Printemps ?" Who are these FRA people (who indeed, in fact a couple of security guys having a laugh in a room in the Rue de Securité somewhere in Paris) - be afraid be very afraid is the media message, that and 'Support or Troops' against these terrorists! Plus, it takes the craven climb down by Darcos off the top story slot.

File under: Lame state sponsored fake non-attacks.