mardi 2 décembre 2008


What else could you call the decision by the coroner at the Demenezes inquest? These are postmodern times, we have been told, and moral interpretations of events are passé. But they are also still capitalist times where the state cannot be seen to be committing unlawful acts even when it does in plain sight. The former act as a buffer to the latter. The desired citizen-outcome is an uneasy apathy. This ought to jolt us out of this apathetic unease. The police cen kill in broad daylight in front of eye-witnesses and then the jury is instructed to either return a verdict of lawful killing or an open verdict. They can kill you and remain either innocent or not guilty.

We can wearily say that this is nothing new, that the British state can murder with impunity but it doesn't thaw the chill that these bungling incompetent/ruthless killers//mixture of both state thugs engender. May they rot from the inside out.