samedi 20 décembre 2008

Be afraid?

"All the trends described above are already at work. Their combination and the public becoming aware of the consequences they could entail, will result in the great collective psychological trauma of Spring 2009, when everyone will realize that we are all trapped into a crisis worse than in the 1930s and that there is no possible way out in the short-term. The impact on the world’s collective mentalities of people and policy-makers will be decisive and modify significantly the course of the crisis in its next stage. Based on greater disillusion and fewer beliefs, social and political instability will settle down worldwide."

These GEAB people were 80% correct in their predictions of the current crisis. In fact, let' start just calling it the crisis. The 'current' hints at the idea of a certain temporality. Read this report and forget that type of optimism (even if it were a slight frail type of optimism). The report says the slump will only start to disapte sometime round the end of 2010, but by then, the world will have been racked by social and political turmoil. Breathe in and feel good, then, while you can - and get organising your local revolutionary cells!