mardi 2 décembre 2008

Lie detector

The best lie detectors are people who listen to politicians of course, but that's too easy. The British government is set to introduce lie detector tests to catch people who are trying to cheat the benefit system. This story is rich in irony and, since this is British politics, stinks that peculiar shitty smell that only London can produce. The Guardian puffs this dreadful measure up and some but the laughable line comes at the end - "The Cabinet Office paper tries to put the emphasis on fair rules in the context of the credit crunch. It says: "As everyone enters difficult economic times ... fair rules will become more important.
"If people perceive that not everyone is treated equally, that some get preferential treatment, that people who break the rules get away with it, respect for rules is undermined."

I wish I could be as funny as that.

Update: It's a long shot, but in the same paper the same day in an article about inducing out of baody experiences - "The illusion was so convincing that when the researchers threatened the dummy with a knife they recorded an increase in the subject's skin conductance response - the indicator of stress that polygraph lie detector tests rely on. "