mardi 2 décembre 2008


The West's smug hypocricy has just become a faint buzz of background naseau but sometimes stories crop up that increase the feeling of sickness unto death. Like this "Ali Hassan al-Majid, the cousin of Saddam Hussein known as "Chemical Ali", has received a second death sentence for the mass killing of Shia Muslims during an uprising in southern Iraq after the 1991 Gulf war."

First - most of the culprits of the Iraq story of the last twenty years are going to get away with it. Despite Bush's arrogant confession that he didn't really know what was going on, he and Blair and the rest of the 'Coalition of the Chilling' are not going to face any firing squad for the mountains of corpses they are directly responsible for.

Second - (the obvious point here) - is the second death penalty like if the first one doesn't work, are they going to resusitate the bugger and do for him again or are they hoping that in the after life there'll be another hangman waiting to send him to another distant and more demanding damnation? It reveals an almost childlike glee for revenge and death that makes you wonder wherther our leaders aren't the good guys we here at the REL have always taken them for.