mercredi 31 décembre 2008


1. Be more offensive
2. Smoke more
3. Go on more demonstrations
4. Say 'No' more often, especially to your boss.
5. Spend less time at work and if you've been laid off ....
6. ...stop worrying about the economy and agitate for a totally different one.
7. Downsize, socialise and politicise
8. Smoke less (at least you'll keep one resolution).
9. Say "Hello" to a, hitherto unknown, neighbour - socialism starts from below.
10. Disconnect from the MSM and alternativise.

New Year is shit - hope you get through it all relatively ok and that things gradually improve from now on in. Try not drinking! For the first time ever, I intend to start the new year off hangoverless a small step to folowing resolution 7.......
oh yeh 11. Listen to more 'Burial'.