jeudi 11 décembre 2008

Saboteur Update 2

I wrote about this incident last month. In the scheme of things, it's not that massive. The police smash up the living space of commune of dissenters and arrest them for the destruction of SCNF railway property. The media and their politician controllers are overjoyed. Terrorists! Vandals!! Anarcho-Marxist Ultra-gauchists!!!! The new threat!!!!
After the blaze dies away - the silence then the reappearance of the story, this time a long way down the news program's playlist. Instead of the twenty people under investigation as originally hyped, there are now nine facing lesser charges but further interrogation by rozzer.
A week or so later, there's just two left. The protests outside the 'justice' buldings have to be screened and there are thousands supporting the falsely accused all over the countryrr. The remaining two being held (for form's sake) are detained on minor charges.
The Interioir minister was visibly trembling with pleasure upon the announcement of the arrests back in October (to take our minds off the unfolding economic mess?) but now has nothing to say about the matter. It was a frame up and she must have known it to have been one. But it is erased and rewound.

There are those, however, who don't forget so easily.