lundi 2 juin 2008

Six week arbitrary lock up

Six weeks ago it was half way through April, in six weeks time Summer will have passed ints Zenith and Autumn will be on the horizon. Imagine being locked up for that stretch of time without having done anything? That's looking increasingly likely if Brown gets his way and the 42 day detention gets approval from Parliament this week. And you happen to be on the wrong end of the judicial system whilst innocent, of course.

Brown makes a go of justifying this absurd lock-up idea by saying, unconvincingly, that there will be safeguards and that Britain needs these measures given the high terror threat (see below - if there is no threat the governement is winning and so needs more draconian powers to keep winning and if there is an attack Britain needs more draconian powers, otherwise Britain needs more draconian powers because there are thousands of (too secret to mention) plots being hatched and so Britain needs more draconian powers) and the plots that have been uncovered have been of such mind boggling horror that well, more draconian powers are needed. Brown's argument is so pisspoor that he is forced to dredge up Dhiren Barot's name to justify the six week detention order idea. He was the deranged individual who "plotted" to flood the underground back in 2004 and the only evidence the police could find was a few deleted files on his computer - and even they had to admit that the guy was no where near the stage of putting these quarter baked 'plots' into action. Nevertheless he was jailed for life.

With 'evidence' like that why does anyone need 42 days - 42 minutes would do to make some concoction like the case against Barot. So why is the government going ahead with this fearful looking hammer to crack a nut? Wel, since Brown is in conspiracy mode - lets join him. The government knows that the economic situation could get drastic in the coming years and so is girding its armoury of judicial weapons to deal with any civilian rumpus. Convinced? Not quite - then why be convinced by Brown's equal and opposite nonsense?

He's ramming it through Parliament to look hard and to play to the racists in the marginals and to scare them a bit too. Once these bankrupt social democrats realise they've achieved power at the expense of not being able to do any socially real politics - they have to fill their empty lives and careers dreaming up goblins and phantoms to 'fight so as to convince themselves that they're doing something worthwhile. Meanwhile, a world looks down on them and wonder why they're digging such deep graves for themselves.