dimanche 15 juin 2008


Everyone likes a good conspiracy. Even the soberest of Marxists and the squeaky clean war-liberals get an illicit thrill out of secret plans hatched in high places, double agents infiltrating violent cells with connections to corrupt politicians or top secret documents being leaked to credulous journalists to gradually build up a credible narrative for a surgical hit on a foreign power....... . Honestly, these top secret files getting left on trains just looks so Carry On or Junior 007 that it forces the conclusion that the secret 'material' is, in reality, just PR guff, something to give the tired old war justifications a new life - this is how the Guardian puts it " The latest incident involved papers on how trade and banking systems could be manipulated to finance illicit weapons of mass destruction in Iran."
The hint is so lame but its a drip in the steady stream of piss designed to habituate us to an attack on Iran. It's a bit like saying 'Don't think about fried eggs' to someone with a hangover - the documents' purpose is to reinforce the link Iran-terror-WMD-inevitable-war. Fortunately no one believes it, so crappy stunts like this have to be dreamt up. Or are the governance really as inept enough to leave real top secret stuff lying about on trains? Whatever, there isn't going to be any military action against Iran - apart form being an insane move, the west just can't afford the consequences.