vendredi 20 juin 2008

Attacking Iran

Mark Tran writes that Israel is really in the process of thinking about bombing Iran. It is interesting, though, that the comments below his article are more informed and better written than his piece. Doubtless, this type of remark is as clichéd as the 'insight' that "Duh. The adverts are better than the programs on telly these days!" but one comment from someone called 'Bigfacedog' irritated me a little. Writing about the supposed assualt on Iran s/he scribbles,

"I am sure most of posts that follow will be the usual de rigour Israel/US bashing perhaps some sane posters can address the strategic issues (i.e. remove their own irrelevant value judgements as neither Iran nor Israel nor US actually care if some sandle wearing ex-anthropology lecturer in Islington is up in arms about the "neo conservative conspiracy") Please try to understand - your dinner party grandstanding is totally and utterly and completely irrelevant to the question posed by the author."

So please remove your "irrelevant value judgements"! - It is difficult to extrapolate to who these people are, but I hope they don't share the same insoussiance towards condemnation when it comes to valuing the actions of those who vandalise cemetries and deny holocausts and so on. And why the ire towards London social sceince lecturers I wonder? The blazing anger towards the end, really shows how much the author of this comment actually wants some kind of violence to take place.
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