jeudi 5 juin 2008

And it's only motor racing

Tanya Gold - a "Jewish princess" - springs to the defence of Maxwell Mosley the sad old bstrd at the centre of the orgy scandal where he said "...." then she ....spank....and spanked he ...then she...ended with a cup of tea. etc.

She reckons that even if Mosley's antics had Nazi connotations it doesn't matter because it was all consensual. What does have Nazi connotations is the genocide in Darfur, she argues, which we are all ignoring because of concentrating on this purile story. And his private life is private. She also has a dig at BMW for their denunciation of Mosley since their major shareholders supported the use of Jewish slave labour.

Our private life is private. It's funny that when upper class arseholes like this get caught with their knob in the jam, the word 'privacy' gets flung about like a piece of shit - but when you are I are unlucky enough to get gripped by rozzer and every orifice lit up and inspected - then it's 'The innocent have nothing to hide'. So fck ff with that bogery - if you're in the public sphere and you're caught troughing it up- you deserve all you get. Sure - everyone's bedrooms their own, like Tan says, but even then - if you invite five paid ladies into your boudoir what the hell do you expect? This guy has got a degree from Oxford - (not that that has much indication of the probity of a chep's character I guess) - so you think he'd have worked it all out. But his crumbly old todger was doing the thinking for him at the time.

Also, it is possible to think that a 68 year old bloke should be helping the deserving of his parish with the fortune and experience he has amassed over a lifetime instead of spunking it all away like this. Sure, it's reassuring to think that sex still figures in the lives of seventy year old and no one likes a prude but to butch this thing out like he has (what with his vote of confidence from his positioned and paid off cronies in his sad little organisation) shows a contempt for all that.

It is strange, too, that anyone would want to defend this pathetic man - all that education and money and what do you end up doing ...paying women to have sex with you and dress up in Nazi uniforms. Is prostitution consensual? I doubt it. Does the debate mean people don't talk about Darfur? This type of subject changing tactic is revealing. Why not say 'Oh lovely weather we're having'? Gold's chiding here is disingenuous - I've looked through the archives and she hasn't written about the subject at all herself, she likes to talk about shopaholicism, Carry On films and Big Brother - the more serious stuff.

The Mosley episode, small and tawdry as it is, shows the base corruption of the British social order. Mosley is a corrupt name - his organisation is corrupt, the sport is corrupt and the government he corruptly supported is corrupt. Where does all this corruption come from? The system this grim little worm wriggles about in. So no, its not only motor racing.