vendredi 6 juin 2008


We don't need 55 different types of breakfast ceareals 250 alternative animal accessories mobile phones a new car every other year, luxury flights to tropical zones, out of season fruits, remote controlled toy helicopters, supermarkets, insurance, widescreen tv's, GPS's pda's, one million pixel digital camers, five bladed razors, 250euro trainers, Gucci handbags Yves Saint Laurent socks, gold tipped condoms, heated swimming pools, SUV's, champagne truffels, the IMF, Martin Amis articles, superjets, cctvs, Henley regata, rocket trains, diamond bikinis, designer shoes, five star hotels, food porn, Big Brother, limousines, stretch limousines, Doo.Ri Dsquared2 Emilio Pucci Fendi Gerard Yosca Giuseppe Zanotti, Goldenbleu Gryson, Hollywould, Isabella Fiore, J Brand , James Perse Jean Paul Gaultier Juicy Couture Just Cavalli Karta L.A.M.B. LOVA , the Luxury Institute, GDP, Human Resources, millions of stupid little flags, people who write "Like every reader of Lusso, I can tell the difference between a Pouilly Fuissé and a Pouilly Fumé without inhaling. I can distinguish between Gucci and Pucci with my eyes closed. I am, in other words, so profoundly sophisticated and so preternaturally cool that it sometimes gives me a headache", Zak Posen’s pink satin handbag, spitfire training, the Olympic games, thirty eight styles of ipod cases, designer golf accessories, diamond studded dog collars, luxury towels, Juggernaut plastic toys, PS games, Made in China by slaves toys, more technology, faster food, microwavable corn on the cob, bottled water from Australia, more vacuum cleaners, mini-cars we don't need all this stuff - the people at Décroissance have a point. Economic growth is destroying everything - and producing totally stupid things and is based on totally inefficient methods. Britain exports twenty tons of mineral water to Australia, for instance, but imports twenty one tons from the same place - what the fck for? When capitalism's little supporters crow on about how their's is the best system in the best possible of worlds, they must be, by now, just taking the diamond studded, gold gilded, luxury hand rolled Pucci piss.