jeudi 19 juin 2008

Bean counter replaced by Bean

Some upper class moron has resigned as deputy chairman of the financial politburo that's meant to keep inflation and wages down. Not so much analysis of why the previous snout left this particular sty, the story in the Guardian (why do I keep reading this shyte paper?) reads like some guff from Pravda c.1973 ("In a statement, Bean said he was "committed to ensuring that the MPC is properly equipped to steer the economy through the challenging times ahead". He will lead the MPC in King's absence." - what a critical enquiring press we don't have in this economic zone/country.) and sheds only darkness on why Lomax jumped ship. Presumably these 'challenging times ahead' are going to be really challenging, she's seen what's coming and has trotted off to troughs anew.

the story ends, "The Bank has two deputy governors, with the second - currently Sir John Gieve - being responsible for financial stability. Gieve last night dramatically quit after Darling announced that he will create a Financial Stability Committee (FSC) to sit alongside the MPC.", it makes you wonder why these rats, in a sudden change of metaphor, are jumping ship. . . . .