dimanche 22 juin 2008

Say terrible

With almost blanket fawning from the media towards the French septic gnome presidenté, it's easy to actually overlook the nonsense he comes out with. Thursday, he was trying to cover up some military budget cuts by arguing that the biggest threat to France came from terrorism.
This is either some racist nod to the gallery - "We all know terror is equated with Muslims and, well, vous pouvez comprendre le rest." - or some acknowledgement that France's recent rapproachment with the US will, he fears, make the country more likely to experience an attack. If he genuinley believed this, why did he ally France with the Washington terrorists? More conspiratorily, it may be a coded warning that now Paris has signed up to the Western assault on the rest of the world - there may have to be little false flag incidents to control the population in times of controversy. With Tzarko, you never know. Neither does he.