samedi 21 juin 2008

Britain is good at something!

Arms exports - hey we're top of the league. It's good for jobs and if we didn't do it - somebody else would.

Which just about sanctions every crime there is really. Some facts -

"The figure amounts to a third of all worldwide export orders for military equipment, ministers and arms companies reported."

"The Ministry of Defence says the terms of the contract - called Salam, Arabic for peace - and the total expenditure involved are confidential."

"Over the past five years the top arms exporters have been the US, with $63bn worth of sales, UK ($53bn), Russia ($33bn), France ($17bn) and Germany and Israel ($9bn each), according to government figures. " [This after the reprehensible anullation of all those 2005 poverty pledges]

"halving arms exports would lead to the loss of about 49,000 jobs but this would be offset by the creation over a five-year period of 67,000 new jobs in non-arms employment." - GOOD

The UK is the most corrupt country in the entire world.