jeudi 7 mai 2009

Where's the upsurge?

A recent 5April 20) Fiancial Tmes editorial notes ", “In no big European country is the main party of the left, in or out of government, surging ahead. The Burson-Marsteller forecast for the European elections in June shows that the centre-right European People’s party will remain the largest group in the European parliament—even if the British Conservatives and the Czech ODS fulfill their aim to leave the EPP.”

There is no direct 'logical' link between the popularity of ideas of a fairer more peaceful world, and capitalist crises. There is an element of relief and condescension in the FT piece. The last thing it's readers and shareholders want to see is angry people on the streets with their anger directed against the likes of themselves.

But these are early days in the playing out of this breakdown in the capitalist order of things and such relief and cheery derision are out of place. What is sufficient for us at the moment, is that the working masses of people on the whole are hostile to the entire political class that is supposed to represent them. That is the starting point for all revolutionary's efforts.

When the upsurge comes it will be at a time when no one expected it over an issue no one thought likely to matter. . .