mardi 12 mai 2009

Exam cave in

Everyone remembers their worst exam, well we do here at REL, but these poor kids in Gillingham have had their worst (or best if anyone of them were in the processing of tanking it) when the part of the ceiling fell on them. There's a serious issue of structural neglect here, but the bit that caught our roving explorer's eye runs :
"Everyone reacted in a calm and professional manner. The students were very mature and I'm extremely proud of them."
Curtis Ward, 14, suffered cuts and scratches on his left arm. Speaking with a heavily bandaged arm, he said: "We just started the exam when there was this big banging noise. Everybody stood up and looked up and we could see the pipe falling from the ceiling. Everyone was shouting and crying and running for the doors. Some of the pipe fell on my arm and trapped it. I got scratched pulling my arm away. I saw one girl who had a big piece of the pipe fall right on her back."
Another pupil, Sam Millen, 13, said: "It looked like one boy at the front was crushed under a piece of metal and everyone started panicking and screaming." our emphasis.