jeudi 14 mai 2009

MP expenses fraud shock

Like us here at REL, I'm sure you too are reeling after reading about MP's ripping off the tax payer. I mean, who would have thought that a political class seeped in neo-liberal ideological hogwash and bereft of any political philosophy or principle would stoop so low as to engage in practices that would only benefit themselves? How utterly shocking and, a priori, unimaginable.

The thing is, it's all our fault for voting and not undertaking political action ourselves. The turn out in June will be witheringly miniscule and that's a good thing. The model of politics that we have at the moment is disintegrating both at a macro level (its neoliberal 'philosophy' has collapsed, unemployment has increased dramatically, the parasites are getting handouts from the corrupt political elites, inequality has grown...) and at the interrelated micro level, its participants (at least a large proportion of the cnts) are filling their boots in disregard for the people they 'represent'. The BNP will not get the surge it craves but that won't stop the leaders of the failed main parties using it as a diversionary threat to try to scare people into voting for the orthodox bloc. Don't fall for it. Do something constructive instead of voting. Deface election posters with agitprop, ferment further discontent, don't go to work, sabotage a computer network. In the face of your passivity lies further degeneration. Fascism is capitalism disintegrated. This is the first phase of that collapse. We act now or are petrified under their corruption.

Put Parliament out of its misery and organise for real democracy.