jeudi 7 mai 2009

Thatcher twitches in her grave

“We are drifting back to the old attitudes of the 1960s and 1970s when the public preferred overall mediocrity rather than letting a minority get rich and increase the nation’s wealth. When we finally have the election, Gordon Brown’s legacy will be a bloated and inefficient state built up over 13 years of misguided thinking that showering government departments with taxpayers’ cash would pay dividends. It is time to invoke the spirit of Maggie.” [Sunday Times]

'and increase the nation's wealth' - it is desperate stuff. The whole 30 year experiment in 'capitalism unbound' is, of course, to blame for the last three decades of chaos and the current fiasco. Yet as of 2009 so far, the zombies seem to be getting away with it.

[Just been informed that Margaret Thatcher, is not infact dead. It was wishful subconscious thinking on behalf of the editor apologies].