lundi 25 mai 2009

North Korea and the bomb

Most of the people in the REL offices were once in CND. We are that old. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Another successful movement we were part of when young...sigh. There are still thousands of them all poied to destroy the world several times over and are still in the hands of dangerous, unsable meglomaniacs. The latest trmor n the nuclear world, then, of course, is naughty North Korea that has flown in the face of the nuclear free peaceful world and detonated a hiroshima size bomb underground. The response has been predictable. But a quick glance through the history of the stationing of nuclear weapons in the Korean peninsular shows that there were nuclear weapons placed in South Korea from the 50's until 1992 and that today, the US has enough submarines in the area to wipe the north of the map. So given that CND was wasting its (and our) time in the interests of deterrence let the North have its bomb - haven't we all supposed to have learned how to love it and live with it?

Or are our great leaders protesting in the name of peace and a nuclear free world?