jeudi 7 mai 2009

The Poor List Ch.10 (Under construction) - VCS fades into the order of things

Ms. Roscoe, 15 April PT13
Vegetation Control Solutions (Bus.Reg. pt/1/ref. UK2/3 Clemp.134679) - Nature of Business: Removal of weeds from sunburban areas, general logistics, Import/Export.
Chief Exec. James Carlysle Faddon 'Partner': Nicholas Spencer Glover.
The police trertiary report says "Suspected of transporting part of the second detonator and other material substantial to the case, Sept 15 BT12." VCS is a front company for another business called Broadschern Tender run through a shell organisation with two offices in Luxembourg and one in the Caymon Isles.
The following transcripts might help. The department will forward evidence obtained from VCS computer files at a later date.