jeudi 14 mai 2009

Torture photos not that sensational

We read that Obama, that fraud, has supressed the release of photos showing the torture of people the US dislikes. The reason is that these pictures are not sensational but would endanger US troops. You'd have thought he'd try to be a bit more convincing than that. But when your arse is being heated by the forces from the dark side I guess you say anything to keep your snout well troughed. Still, if the pics aren't that sensational, why would they endanger US troops? The people actually engaged in resisting US oppression in the ME are not going to stop because they don't get to see pictures of their 'fellow travellers' suspended from the ceiling with wire, fckd by dogs, piled naked on top of one another with shit smeared copies of the Koran on fire all about them, being electrocuted, waterboarded, crushed under boards piled with stones, hooded, starved, deprived of sleep, stress positioned, raped and murdered - -
- it's not that sensational.

Move on nothing to see here.

'Torture is not incidental to these wars, nor was it merely the preferred policy of the sadists in the Bush White House. It is integral to such colonial-style counterinsurgency campaigns, in which a major aim is to terrorize and intimidate the population. It was employed by the French in Algeria, the British in Kenya, the Belgians in the Congo and the Portuguese in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. The American military is following in their bloody footsteps.'