samedi 9 mai 2009

Get rich quick!

An excerpt from a mail sent from the interesting but capitalistbastard "The Daily Reckoning':

"How many people do you know who have lived through a "real bust?" No, I don't mean the dotcom bomb or the Asian currency crisis.
I don't mean the 9-11 recession or the '87 market crash... or even the '74 market meltdown or the late '70s oil crisis.
I mean a full-on social and economic reversal.
Of course we haven't seen anything on that scale since the Great Crash of '29. And many of the witnesses alive to those events are long gone from our lives.
But do you remember... how your parents or maybe your grandparents talked about those times? They never seemed to forget.
How many "Depression survivors," for instance, still save scraps of paper and bits of string... rinse off tin foil... and wouldn't dare toss leftovers?"

Us povvies at REL always have saved scraps of paper, bits of string and wool, even, and always re-use tin foil - and never have enough to eat to get leftovers in the first place. Poor but happy.

Reading further down the missive, it's clear this get rich quick scheme is, in reality, a get poor slowly scheme. But the one we're on atm, is working out just fine.