mercredi 14 janvier 2009

Things begin in Greece

It might come to nothing or it could be one of the greatest acts of modern solidarity the world has seen for a generation. The decision of the Greek street, the people, to force its 'government' to prevent the massive shipment of arms from America to Israel from docking at Astakos is an encouraging sign that the concern expressed by the French Union of Jewish Students (see below) has some foundation. The idea that the Palestinian cause could well act as a lightning rod for wider social and economic grievances has come to being in Greece. As everyone knows, Greece has seen a near uprising over a police killing and paralysing economic problems. As everyone knows, Israel is brutally crushing innocent Palestinian people right now. Put the two together, and, well, political philosophy isn't that difficult - so the potentialities of the two combined and - it warms the heart.
Sensibly, for them at least, the government saw the obvious and told the US to fuck off somewhere else with their 300 tonnes of ammunition. No one's bombing their supply lines with bunker busting bombs - but their ammo's been stopped by something far more powerful and dangerous. . .