mardi 13 janvier 2009

Mwa ha ha ha!

Melanie Phillip's article tours all the faimilar rationales for the ongoing Israeli assualt on Gaza. There is a new twist, though, to the 'no other state wold tolerate these rockets' drone via the amusing anaolgy of Ireland Britain. Imagine if Ireland had fired rockets at Britain
"The equivalent would have been the Irish government firing 6,000 rockets at England.
Does anyone seriously doubt that, in such a hypothetical situation, Britain would have been at war with Ireland long before that total had been reached?"

It's so mind bogglingy absurd an analogy that it is unprocessable.

The arguments get increasingly florid until will we reach Mel's deep seated beef in the 'conclusion', "But the Middle East conflict will not end until and unless the West comes to realise that Israel is in the frontline of the West’s own fight for survival, and starts properly defending the country struggling to defend civilisation instead of siding with those waging holy war against it."

Presumably the paper version of the article came with a Mad Despot Evil Over-Lord manic laughter computer-chip attached and sprung to life as you read that last bit.