lundi 12 janvier 2009

Idiot Royal

Harry, the bastard son of Lady Diana and that Hewitt clown, is in the papers for calling a fellow soldier 'p*ki' and using the term 'rag-head'. Here at REL, we don't care what the Royals do or say, but wish someone would do a Lenin all the whole lot of them all the same. But what is striking about this little story is the universal and orchestrated way it is being handled.
All the leaders of the main political parties have trotted out the same line that it was just a bit of idle banter, that Harry's heart is in the right place (with the implication, granted, that his undersized brain isn't) and that we should all just bladdy well move on. Even the Guardian, that supposed defender of liberal values, pitches in with a vomitty gobbit from someone called Bob Stewart. The sycophancy is too awful to read in places, but it pantingly absolves Harry of any real misconduct.
Any wider analysis of this issue is, thus, ruled out. There is the statement that "of course Harry isn't racist" and that's it. But how else would one describe somebody who uses these terms and dreses up to fancy dress parties as a nazi? What else could his actions be telling us? Plus, it's not as if the British upper classes aren't already predisposed to a touch of racial superiorty here and there. So the spawn from which he came are a racist bunch but any acknowledgement of that fact would be 'politically incorrect' and inappropriate to raise. Any hint that the ruling classes are the pinnacle of the idea of white supremacy must be firmy quashed for fear of wider awkward questions being raised. All the main parties have an interest in keeping up this ideological front. It leads on to too many difficult unresolved questions about Britain's continued role in World politics, its role in the on-going wars and its support for Israel, for instance. Given the latter, Harry's braindead remarks have to be played down so as to stop political anger from spreading.
See this.
Imagine if he'd used the word 'y*d'. Now that might have got a different reaction.

Update: Whilst Harry gets away with it - others aren't so affectionately indulged. Chanting racist stuff at black football players is stupid. As stupid as what the royal bastard said. How come no commentators in the MSM are leaping to these 13 and 15 year olds' defence?