samedi 3 janvier 2009

Israel Gaza again

The MSM is running flat out to convince the (undecided) public that Hamas had it coming and all the civilian deaths are just retribution, if bad for Israel's PR. The means are obvious and the media blitz is everywhere. Read this little disingenuous gem from the Times, " Israel launched the offensive after more than a week of Palestinian rocket fire that followed a six-month truce."

It's not that what is written there is manifestly untrue, but it is deliberately and purposefully misleading. It is not untrue because chronologically, the bombing has come after the rocket fire. But, and the crucial thing is, it was Israel that broke the truce on November 4th. True, the conflict in general is more complicated than a latest truce breakdown, but these details are important for obvious reasons.

Yet, the mealy mouthed Times reporter cannot, for MSM reasons, say that it was Israel that broke the truce, let alone that Jerusalem had plans for this action six months ago, since the backers of the financers of the backers who control the people in charge of the brokers who control the editors of the Times, want to protect the intellectual and ideological aspect of the project. Their role is as blatant as that of the pilots who are as we sit, gleefully dropping explosive on infants, but their task is the destruction of crucial parts of people's minds who are exposed to the Murdoch press - to raze sceptical areas, destroy critical thinking infrastructure and subdue any incentive to action.

So the truce was broken by Israel, the rockets were fired in puny retaliaratory rage and the slaughter continues.