samedi 24 janvier 2009

Iceland ice pick

The Icelandic PM had to be rescued from his own citizens Friday, after the opening of Parliament met with a different reaction to Obama's voter reception two days earlier. Haarde, an apt name since he'll have to be hardy to get out of the country alive, was trapped in his car for twenty minutes as it was pelted with paint, eggs and tins (though no shoes since given the way things are, the Icelandic people are going to need those) until pepper spraying riot cops came to the rescue. The PM caved in and called elections to get him voted out of the mess he's got the place into so he can clear off somewhere quieter.

One can only smile with pride at the actions of these ordinary Icelandic people and hope that they deepen and extend themselves to the rest of Europe. The people as well, they sound like a fun loving bunch. The actions will happen soon enough. Like the, now, familiar joke, what's the difference between Iceland and Ireland - one letter and six months...