lundi 5 janvier 2009

Israel and its discontents

The war in Gaza has two fronts, at least. One is on the ground the other ideological. There is perhaps a relation between the two. As the situation on the ground spins out of control (the miliatary either faces defeat or is committing acts of savagery that are too horrendous for the PR guys and girls to contend with), maybe the propaganda gets more and more dirty and desperate. I can think that this must be the only way to explain an extradordinary article in ynet news, " Israel's most comprehensive, authoritative daily source for 24/7 breaking news & current events from Israel and Jewish content online."

It is written by Adi Dvir and is called "Don't pity the Palestiniains". The first thing to notice is that the piece is extremely short. True, size doesn't ordinarily matter. Lugwig Wittgenstein's PhD was 'only' just over 20000 words but changed the course of Western philosophy, for instance. I'm sure you can think of other cases. But Dvir thoughts run to about two hundred words at most. That's a bit short even for a blog entry. Maybe, though, he makes up for it in profundity.

Alas, thers is not much reflection in Dvir's offering, either. I won't waste time deconstructing what he says too much. Read it for yourself . The main points are that the Palestinians are babies unable to take responsibilty and to pity them amidst all this carnage, is to patronise them. Until they get rid of the Hamas leadership they don't deserve a state since "It requires inner strength and the ability to create rather than destroy. This is what Israelis proved time and again for over 60 years, and this is what Palestinians have yet to prove." This propaganda dressed as 'opinion' is a flek of the barrage all the MSM are launching against the critical mass of the world's population. But the deep contempt for history, accuracy, rationality and style that this article illustrates, is the same emotion that drives all the other journos in London, New York, Paris, Rome that scribble away, trying to defend Israeli action in Gaza. That they have to keep thier deeper opinions hidden is only due to the fact that the target population of the Western European MSM is not on a war front like some of the Israeli population is or engaged in a war of liquidation.

Dvir's gobbit only reveals what a terrible place Israel must be to live in right now and prompts the thought that the left there, have a hell of a job on their hands but also that they are intellectually strong to survive this type of brainwashing (which must be deep and widespread at the most peaceful of times) and that they deserve recognition for their endurance. That and a pity for Dvir really at the end of it - to embody a consciousness that can produce material like that must be hell. And I for one don't pity the Palestinians. It is not pity that motivates people to attend marches but something a lot harder more coherent and dangerous.