samedi 3 janvier 2009

Hell's jaws open

It is, I was going to say 'interesting', but it's not, it's drearily monotonous, that the BBC and the Guardian have described the invasion of Gaza as Israeli dogtroops going for a sightseeing trip: "Israeli troops 'move into Gaza' [BBC] " "Israeli troops cross border into Gaza [Guardian]. The verbs used are deliberately anodine. To say 'move in for the kill' (more accurate, more to the point) would ruffle to many feathers and upset masters presumably. Still, the very act of smarming like this, the very manner in which this brutal tactic is being so blatantly misreported undoes all the PR work that the ideological machine puts into it. The half critical viewer dismisses it and looks at it just to see waht she is expected to believe, and then finds an alternative news source that she can have at least some kind of faith in. The MSM is over.
And whatever the splits in the Palestinian people (between Ftah and Hamas, Gaza and the West Bank etc. one must still keep the class perspective and in no matter how small a way build a socialist alternative to this unfolding nightmare).