dimanche 6 juillet 2008

Zombie politics

Dripping gore and slime, Gordon Brown lumbers forth to try to resue some sort of credibility from the upcoming Scottish by-election defeat. It is no surprise, of course, that he groans and bellows forth neolib rhetoric, grunting not that the greedy bosses need to be sorted out and that the workers must be given the means to defend themselves (thereby guaranteeing that Labour win the seat) but, continuing the self-destruction of what's left of the party by coming out with, globs like this, "There will be no return to the 70s, 80s or even 90s when it comes to union rights, no retreat from continued modernisation, and there can be no question of any reintroduction of secondary picketing rights."

No 'return' to the 90's - what that golden age of union strength and workers benefiting equally from the global boom? Wages (in real terms and in relation to profit) actually fell. Return to the 80's - beating up the NUM? What has turdy Brown got in store - special camps and workhouses? The capitalist lackey running pig dog. Just in case the reader might think I am inflicting all ire on Sarkozy. Brown is already dead. He is rotting in full public view. His political caretaking function is a holding operation to get the Tories back in office. The purpose is to preserve the myth that democracy and elections work - they give a change of party, one party should not be in power for an overlengthy period of time - but the real politics does not change. The Business Party gives way to the Business as Usual Party and the dead system can perpetuate and self legitimise. This zombie interregnum is the long drawn out death rattle of the Labour Party. Another waste of time for the people. But the greedfest intensifies for the lice at the top of the seething rotten pyramid.

Watch for Gordo's right eye slowly disengaging from its socket and, as he drools incomprehensibilities to the other G8 spectres, the flesh from his lower jaw gradually slide down his neck like boiled turnip mush and a pool of reddy green slime trickle from his nose. The rest of the G8 fiends rise up in recognition of the final stage of their diabolic mission chanting "Kill kill KILL! Must kill the poor. Kill the poor!" If you see one of these zombie politicians the only way to deal with them is to organise a truly representative revolutionary socialist party and agitate for a just distribution of the world's goods and the destruction of the profit system that is responsible for making these zombies in the first place.

Either that or stove their heads in with something heavy.