dimanche 20 juillet 2008

Thatcher is dead

Those words would have once filled the streets with cheering hordes, set off street parties and wild celebration throughout much of the land. Now she has faded away into a gin-soaked waking coma, Thatcher is an irrelevance a living waxwork everybody is embarassed and/or appalled by. Thus the plan to give her shrivelled remains a state funeral has met with cringe and indifference.

Michael White's cap doffing style is a sign, though, of just how much the ruling elite are gearing up for a big celebratory send off for the wizzened class warrior. Cue endless TV programs, biops, discussions, rehashings of rehashed biography pieces, polemics, critiques, putting into context and all that academic flybuzz. I imagine even the newspresenters will be forced to wear black ties. It will be awful. We already had Son of Thatcher in Blair and we've had a bollock full of zombie politics to last a deathtime since '97; the thought of a Maggie nostalgiafest deadens the spirit.

Which is the intended effect of course. The dominant motifs of the gruesome charade will be how revolutionary the old hag was (mustn't get misogynistic here of course!) what a profound influence blah blah winter of discontent love her or loath her nyah nyah but most importantly how her reforms made the country better for everyone. It's absolute shyte of course was is and will be but that's in the MSM nozzle feedlines awaitng the signal from Darkness Towers when the crooked old crone shuffles off her mortal coil.

Even though no one even on the right of the left of the right gives a toss about the status of State Funerals (but why stop there - why not blast her into the sky in a golden rocket and have two minutes silence every month when the space ship orbits this sceptered isle?) it still grates. She was the upper class's tool and they'll pack her off as one of the best of their own - and try to convince the rest of us that all that shit in the 80's was worth it. For me - yes do give her a state funeral - just nail her up in her box before she kicks the bucket is all.