vendredi 25 juillet 2008

This is the end

The loss of Glasgow East with a 22% swing to the SNP is a terrible night for the abstention Fck all Parties slate. Although an improvement on the disasterous 48% in 2005, the apathy militants were hoping for a much lower turnout. "After all", Anthony Non spokesman for the shadowy group of unactivists said "Why on earth would anyone in an area like Glasgow East, or anyone in Northern England or any inner city anywhere for that matter, vote for any of the podgy middle class arseholes that stand anyway? The parties, all of them, only represent big business and even the SNP is in the pocket of that Stagecoach fcker, and all the others. . .well do I need to elaborate? The only way is to abstain and undermine the system's legitimacy that way. And in others ways too, but that's secret for the mo.... But anyway I guess our message has got through to the 58% of people who turned their backs on the whole pathetic charade last night and we hope to keep up this momentum til the election and the end of the Labour Party."
Asked whether he thought Gordon Brown would resign he replied "What am I? A medium?" and slipped away into the night.