vendredi 25 juillet 2008

Vote Labour Vote Nuclear bomb

Remember when nuclear disarmament was debated, those marches and campaigns and better dead than red - a lot of up and coming Labour activists in CND in the late seventies and early eighties made it to the top of the Party and have decided to upgrade Britain's nuclear warheads (a snip at 3 billion pounds). It's a decision only about 30 people in the entire country agree with, it goes against International non-proliferation treaties, will encourage other countries to build nuclear arms (and make Britain look even less convincing in its approach to a 'nuclear' Iran), is a decision that has been taken without Parliamentary approval (yeh, big deal, but it illustates the contempt the ruling elite has for democracy again) and diverts money away from the country's proper needs. Plus the rotten stupid things will be under American control.

If a section of the ruling elite wanted, actually wanted, to lose power, could they do it more effectively than this current batch of no marks? The British establishment requires the illusion of democracy and that voting changes things. That notion of change has shrunk down to the idea that one party must not stay in power seemingly indefinitely. The 200 seat majority in 1997 must have sent a flicker of alarm through some sections of the oligarchy. Sure, their stooge was in place, but maybe even Blair couldn't kep a lid on the desire for real, real change. You know, gulp, a progressive taxation system or something. But Operation "Lower Expectations" and Operation "We're corrupt and stupid too" sorted things out. The pendelum swings one way then the other as the electorate is revolted by each of the two (business) parties in turn. Meanwhile the real governing goes on in boardrooms, at conferences, in deals and job promises all impervious to the demands of the mob.

Guy Fawkes was right.