mercredi 23 juillet 2008

No shame Capitalism

Reuters March 2008 - Speaking on the financial sector contributing to socialcapitalism, Gary Hoffman, Vice Chairman, Barclays Bank Plc, UK saidthat clear, sustainable & accessible alternatives have to be made available. "The bottom line is to make an accessible financial system." Concluding the discussion, Mr. Hoffman reiterated that developing responsible business is not about philanthropy but an opportunity for the financial industry, the government and the social sector to meet the needs of the masses together.

Those masses and their damned needs. Still the elites are doing a great job at meeting the masses' needs, as long as the idea of 'need' is kept to a strict minimum, of course. But no such epicurean levels of self-denial are invoked by the government when it came to apponting the author of such thin ideological gruel as New chief executive of Northern Crock . This CambridgeUniversity trougher's, "annual salary will be £700,000, plus any entitlements from a new incentive scheme due later in the year.
He will also be compensated for the loss of various Barclays long-term incentive programmes. As a result, he will receive three separate payments of £400,000 each, the first on the commencement of his new job in October."

So business is not about philanthropy? If the definition of which is 'love of one's fellow man' somebody in the governance machine loves this idle fucker very much. The fact that Barclay's Bank's shares have practically halved over the lst five months doesn't seem to bother the GhostLabour Government. Wouldn't we all like to be compensated for the perks in our previous job after you land a cush like that?

Well, no perhaps not. Because socialism never has been about a mere replication of capitalism but (somehow) just the personnel rearranged. Socialism is not the idea that after a revolution, the foreman gets to drive in the boss' old car whilst all the capitalists work in sweat shops. The theoretical difficulties are that obvious in this idea as to not even bother refuting. It is, basically, the plot of that piece of pupil brainwashing lit. 'Animal Farm'. However it is a useful plank in the argument against the idea that socialists are merely 'jealous' of the rich and the capitalist class and sublimate this rancour into a system of dicourse. Socialism is, of course, about reorganising the very structure of the social world we inhabit, a process which is playing out at this moment in diverse places all over the world. It is not some empty psychological failing of the excluded, but an alternative to the 'free market gone mad' system that have rendered us unto this paddless pass.

So let the Hoffman's of this world wallow in their blood soaked starvation fuelling excesses. The collective wealth addiction of the reeking class he festers in along with the political turbulence roaming and haunting the entire world, will topple the whole rotten fossilised dung heap him and his type occupy.