lundi 7 avril 2008

Two camps

From the comment section in the Guardian in response to an article by Larry Eliot, "Capitalism is in a crisis right now, nobody is disputing that. We will overcome as we have done so often in the past. Firstly we have to address the world as it actually is. There is no "Thatcher" waiting to fix the problem because nobody outside the capitalist system knows how to fix the problems we are currently facing.
We dont live in a democracy, we live in a market economy. The current masters of the universe will fix things. There isnt going to be a political shift in direction like 1979 because capitalism and free markets are the only way forward now."

Presumably the "We" is the same "we" doing this in Egypt as that country becomes the latest state to feel the full effects of unfettered neo-liberalism,

"UPDATE: Sometime after 3pm, demonstrations broke out in El-Shoun Sq, chanting against price increases.. Mubarak’s police fired on the demonstrators.. A man and a child were killed.. Police trucks attacked.. Buses caught on fire… Mass round ups of activists and citizens… Ghazl el-Mahalla labor organizers Kamal el-Fayoumi and Tarek Amin el-Senoussi are in police custody… Police gunshots heard throughout the town according to witness…

The 'only way forward' is to the quelling of dissent, the empoverishment of the majority of the world's people and eternal war. It's amusing that in a world political system dominated by the notions of 'freedom', 'democracy' and 'free choice' that, in the end, there is only one way forward. This useful idiot, above, sums up the neoliberal position in all its agressive contradictions.

Did you notice news of the strikes and repression in Egypt by the way? It's a rhetorical question - nobody has - as part of our free press, the news was blacked out.