mercredi 9 avril 2008

New Labour took money from this lot - This delightful chap is the head of F1 racing company - or whatever it's called. Now I know as much about racing cars as I do German grammar, but I wouldn't have thought it required dungeons, nazi uniforms and prostitutes to keep things on the road. I know this story is pretty old - like its central player, but it's so crap that its politics needs to be, er, fleshed out a bit more than the prissy kind of reporting in the Grauniad or the sensationalist bollocks on offer at the News of the Screws. For the prudish and less informed than even me about this - this geezer was filmed setting about five (five!) prostitutes in a sado-masochistic orgy in a dungeon. Get this,
"Crone [the judge presiding over an injunction ruling about access to the video] added that the paper had six questions about the video for Mosley, who claims it does not have Nazi connotations. [What, given the following, does Mosley think of as having Nazi connotations? - a full scale invasion of Russia? - REL]
"1. Why are German military uniforms worn? 2. Why does he issue orders and threats in German to women who cannot speak German? 3. Why does he deliver and count out beatings in German to women who cannot understand German? 4. Why does he put on a German accent when speaking English?," he said.
"5. Why are the victims of these beatings in German made to put on sinister striped uniforms? 6. Why the head lice inspections, the forced shaving of body hair and the sinister references to inmates being housed in 'facilities'? We look forward to Mr Mosley's answers to all these questions," Crone added."
Now I'm no prude but "head lice inspections"? "striped uniforms"? "forced shaving of body hair"? - what type of social conditions creates the desire to carry these things out and for women to submit to them? This 'man' is a pillar of the stinking establishment - he's the son of that twat Sir Oswald fucking Mosley leader of the pathetic band of British fascists in the 1930's, of course and his gormless sport was implicated in New Labour's first corruption scandal back in '97.
It can only mean, given the softly softly reporting this has got in Britain (even here in France is was kept pretty quiet), that the whole bunch of decrepit, crumbling and drooling bosses and Knights and Barons of the whole edifice of the British establishment secretly approve of his fascist antics or engage in this sort of thing on a routine basis themselves. Remember that prince Harry dressing up as a Nazi officer - the ruling class is seeped in fascism and corrupted to the core by images and practices of domination and depravity. There is a link, then, between Blair, the war in Iraq and this story. The establishment is fucking us over and gets bolder by the day. Why are we so passive in the face of its putrid rottenness?