lundi 7 avril 2008

Diana not murdered shock

After ten years of conspiracy theories, weeping and royal bollocks - some trial has ended and the jury has come to the conclusion that, er the driver was pissed up but the cars following them didn't help much, they crashed.
In effect, there's as much to know about this whole load of nonsense after a decade and a cool ten million quid of taxpayers' money than there was the day after watching the TV or sleepily reading about it in the paper the next morning.
Who cares? (ok ok I know lots of people and media types....)Here's how much I do (see picture). I guess it's something to do with people not being able to believe that royalty - even ex-royaly - and all that princess bollocks doesn't actually mean you get to transcend the normal laws of biology and physics. Maybe some people thought Spencer got to travel in a special pumpkin carriage too - honestly - it makes a Lenin fearing revolutionary socialist republican want to vom it really does.
And that Prince of Edinburgh - he was realeased from hospital....nothing trivial we hope here at the R.E.L. That Hell fired Egyptian bloke who kept banging on about some plot to do di in, described the Queen's old man as 'Frankenstein' and that horsey woman who Charles is hooked up to as a 'crocodile woman'.
His carrots are pretty expensive in his grocer shop in Oxford street, but he hits the nail on the head sociologically at least.