jeudi 10 avril 2008


I'm not one for porn flicks or for frequenting prostitutes. Maybe I'm behind the times, but I have to admit, in the pursual of research, I have just viewed the videos at the centre of the Mosley Nazi dungeon scandal. Given all the lurid accounts, I expected something far worse. All that lice inspection forced removal of body hair - from the court transcripts it was possible to infer that he was the one dishing out the punishment. In fact, it was Mosley himself who was on the receiving end. Naive me, but happy. In the end, he's just a sad old get. It doesn't really do him any favours though. I still stand by what I said yesterday about the whole British establishment probably being up to the same sort of thing. It's just in this case, it's more Billy Bunter than Hermann Georing. Given the depravity that went on at Abu Ghraib prison back in 2004, this is just a standard spank 'n' spunk. The sex workers involved look thoroughly bored, as indeed I was by the end of the heavily censored 30 second clip.