mardi 12 août 2008

Third world bore

There was a lot of chatter in the blogiverse about how the disasterous Georgian offensive in Ossetia was the start of the third world war. It wasn't and isn't. This operation was a desperate diversionary option by the Georgian PM to try to bolster support for his ailing regime. It could have worked, like Thatcher's Malvinas adventure, but this gamble backfired horribly for Mikheil Saakashvili whose time as President will soon be at an end.

The Americans are powerless to do anything in the immediate region. There is a lot of noise about a huge US fleet heading for Iranian waters, but this is just a bluff. Geo-politics is in a state of practical paralysis as economic woes and military shortfalls make it impossible for sides to win decisive victories (witness the appalling Israeli 2006 incursion into Lebanon). The only power able to shift things along is the international working class of all countries. We have always known, though have tried to convince ourselves otherwise, that 'our leaders' have our interests at heart. It is now glaringly apparent that they, like the class they represent, are resentful and fearful of us and our potential power.

Just a microglimpse of the evidence for this.....some friends come to visit and ironically brandish a copy of the truly terrible 'Paris Match'. Inside a jaw droppingly bad taste interview with France's topcops and political puppet controllers. The talk, at first, is all about how rozzer is going to deal with auto-crime, theft and street muggings with more technology à la US police forensic shows (the home secretary did actually take them seriously). So far so dull. But there on the next page in bold quote "The Police's main fear and targets are cybercrime and the rise of the far left." The rise of the far left. ?

It is certain that the governments of all countries are united on this matter. Here, the term 'far left' is code, bien sûr, for anticipated widespread social unrest provoked by the brutal measures that are being and will be introduced to reduce working class living standards.

That will be the real third world war.