jeudi 21 août 2008

Invisible strike

The unions in the UK have sold out the airport workers, but there's still a lot of strikes going on. In Le Monde there's the heartening story of a massive virtual general strike. Sure, these things are common in India, and that's why the Guardian and other media nozzles didn't report it (then again, why report all the other same old stuff over and over?) but imagine union workers in the west doing anything like this:

"Calcutta, capitale du Bengale-Occidental, habituée aux grèves générales, avait mercredi des allures de ville fantôme. Les commerces, les entreprises, les écoles ont été fermés, et les transports publics interrompus. Des groupes de syndicalistes ont patrouillé dans les rues pour vérifier que la grève était bien respectée.

Groups of trades unionists patrolling the streets enfocing the strike. Good move. Imagine the soft arsed British unions doing anything like that. They still pay good money to the fckng Labour Party!