vendredi 22 août 2008

The horror, the horror

That preening idiot Martin Amis, semi-novelist and racist of this parish, once penned a poison essay called 'Horrorism'. In it he had a right go at Muslims writing, inter alia, that they had just better get used to abuse until they got their house in order. It was and is total filth - even the MI5 Behavioural Unit (what a sinister bunch of twats they sound btw) put forward a more nuanced view of yer average British terrorist. But no matter. You can't expect that much of this upper class cretin. Apart from a well written piece condemning the truly terrible crime just breaking in Afghanistan. Western occupiers - without doubt in a revenge attack for recent losses in the country - have bombed somewhere in western Afghanistan and killed 76 civilians, according to Afghani government sources.

The guardian primly notes that, "Civilian deaths in military operations have become an emotive issue among Afghans, many of whom feel international forces take too little care when launching air strikes, undermining support for their presence."

There is reams to be written about this incident - but that phrase! These foreigners you know, they're just SO emotional - no stiff upper lip for the sacrifices that have to be made in laying the foundations of civilisation.

We will wait a long time for any response from Amis and his blood drenched ilk.

[Rage. . .]