samedi 30 août 2008

Britain is full

...of racists, see forum discussion below. But that was in The Sun. This load of lazy garbage appears in the left leaning Observer. Andrew Anthony reckons, er, Britain is full. Sorry no room at the Inn. It's predictable and we've heard it all before. In the South, especially, the roads are clogged, services are overstretched and "and the sense of friction, the tension of reduced personal space, is often palpable."

Especially if its full of dickheads like Anthony. This kind of stuff is simple to refute and should not have been written really. One can only surmise that the editorial board has asked for a right wing piece of drivel to drum up flagging sales and depress whatever leftwing people still read the dreadful rag even further. Or that such spout comes naturally to the toady hacks who scribble for the wretched paper.