dimanche 24 août 2008

Airbrushed airstrike

It has been independently confirmed - here from Le Monde in France "Mais la police de la région a affirmé que quinze maisons ont été détruites dans les bombardements. "Soixante-seize personnes, tous des civils et pour la plupart des femmes et des enfants, ont été tuées", a assuré le ministère de l'intérieur dans un communiqué, qui détaille parmi les victimes 50 enfants de moins de 15 ans, 19 femmes et 7 hommes.
Saeed Sharif, membre d'un conseil local, a également indiqué que de nombreux civils sont morts. "La nuit dernière, plusieurs personnes assistaient à une lecture du Coran lorsque les Américains ont bombardé, a-t-il dit. Des dizaines de civils ont été tués."

[Basically this says that despite NATO denials, local police say that fifteen houses were destroyed in the bombardments and 76 people killed most of them women and children. A local dignitary said that a lot of people have been killed whilst attending a Quran lesson].

Yet in The Observer, New Labour wank sheet, there is not a single word of this story. Not a single mention. Instead there is some filler about energy policy, a American punk who died, how to make a perfect barbeque and the nudge nudge hint hint story about our brave team GB showing off its little shiny medals, will not be having a welcome home party due to 'health and safety' fears. We are supposed to infer that those dastardly terrorists are threatening our way of life again. After all, Team GB is like Armed Forces GB - it only gets success when doing things that involve sitting down.

Like in the cockpit of a plane locking on to some house full of fifteen year old kids.

Kundera noted that the struggle against tyranny is the struggle of memory against forgetting (yes, and maybe I am forgetting the exact quote. . .). He wrote that in the time when Stalinist tanks drove in to Prague. There has been a lot of pixels wasted in the talk of Russian 'aggression' lately. Imagine the reaction if Russian bombers had killed 76 Georgians. . .would that story have been dropped so quickly as the massacre in Afghanistan? What a question.

Is this a false analogy? In this context no. We are being conditioned not to resist, not to react not even to remember properly. How long will these murdering psycopaths get away with it? As long as we let them, I guess . . .